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RV Value Mart is excited to be one of the best priced family owned dealership in the nation. 

Our dealership sells only the best new and used Class A, Class B, Class C, Fifth Wheels, Folding Campers, Park Trailers, Travel Trailers and Truck Trailers from most of the top ranked brands motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheels and pop-ups including Coachmen Apex, Coachmen Catalina, Keystone Laredo, Dutchmen Aspen Trail just to name a few.

At RV Value Mart we know your RV experience should be an enjoyable one, so our goal is to help our customers achieve that enjoyable experience. We are sure that with our hand picked Coachmen, Shasta, Dutchmen, Cruiser and Keystone RV ‘s you will have an awesome experience that will help your dreams come true.

Read our helpful and informative Blog Articles below by clicking on each title.


Trying to pick the right motorhome for you may be a little difficult. Even though you’ve managed to choose one type of RV, there’s still more to think about and more ways you can narrow down the field. But there’s no reason to go at it alone. RV Value Mart has provided a break down of some of the things you should be considering and how that will affect the kind of motorhome you choose.

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With the cold months arriving in full force, it’s time for many to put away their RVs. But don’t just park your rig and walk away. There are a lot of important steps to preparing it for winter to prevent damage from accruing over the cold months. Consider the amount of water that’s in your RV. Even if you empty your tanks on a regular basis, it’s difficult to remove all the water and it can accumulate over time. If the water freezes and expands in your pipes, they can break. The best way to combat this is to add antifreeze.

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When you want to get away from the crowds and lines on your camping trip, dispersed camping is a great option. Otherwise known as boondocking, dispersed camping is the practice of setting up camp away from established campsites and campgrounds. For many RV owners, dispersed camping feels like a more raw, natural form of camping. The other benefit, of course, is that you still get all the modern amenities afforded to you by your RV. And since there are literally millions of acres of land open for dispersed camping, you’ll never run out of places to pull up camp.

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Learning to tow a new travel trailer can be a stressful experience. You know that you need to tow and prepare it properly, and then there comes the seemingly difficult task of safely hauling it down the road. Thankfully, you can make your job much easier just by implementing a few simple strategies. At RV Value Mart, we compiled a few of the best travel trailer towing tips into this brief guide to help you out with all your adventures in the future.

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A travel trailer is a special investment for any camper. These RVs maximize convenience, comfort, and enjoyment at the campground, which is why it’s so important to take care of them. Can you imagine damaging your travel trailer bad enough that you couldn’t use it for an entire summer? It would even be frustrating if something as simple as a slide out got damaged, so this guide from RV Value Mart will walk you through some basic preventative maintenance. Most of these tasks are simple, and you can do them yourself, but if you need any help or have questions, come visit us at RV Value Mart.

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