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Travel Trailer Maintenance

A travel trailer is a special investment for any camper. These RVs maximize convenience, comfort, and enjoyment at the campground, which is why it’s so important to take care of them. Can you imagine damaging your travel trailer bad enough that you couldn’t use it for an entire summer? It would even be frustrating if something as simple as a slide out got damaged, so this guide from RV Value Mart will walk you through some basic preventative maintenance. Most of these tasks are simple, and you can do them yourself, but if you need any help or have questions, come visit us at RV Value Mart

We’ve outlined some of the basics of dispersed camping below. 


On an already compact floorplan, you can’t have a good camping experience without slide outs. They add extra square footage, but if they get stuck, you won’t even be able to extend them while you’re camping! This means you’ll need to take care of them by applying a simple lubricant. Try a silicone-based spray, and every six months or so, put it along the runners and rails. If you leave your trailer in storage for months at a time, we recommend spraying down the runners in your de-winterizing process.


We don’t always pay attention to the seals, but if you ignore them for too long, water will start making it’s way into your travel trailer. This leads to a whole host of problems, so make sure you check your doors and windows before every camping season for cracked or decaying seals. If they start wearing away, water might come in, which can cause mold and wood rot. Thankfully, you can avoid this by simply bringing your RV into our dealership for replacement seals.


Good ventilation is vital for keeping your RV in good shape. Due to the compact area, moist air gets trapped very easily inside your travel trailer. This means that you should cut back on moisture wherever possible. When taking a shower, leave the vent open and turn on the fan, and when preparing food, try to cook outside, as the oven and stove release a lot of extra humidity. Also, get vent covers that block rain for when you store your travel trailer. This way, you can leave the vents open, which allows airflow to prevent moisture from settling during the winter.


Unfortunately, many drivers have a bad habit of ignoring their tires. On a car, you might be able to get away with this for a while, since there’s not much weight bearing down on them. However, when you’re towing a travel trailer, a tire blowout could cause you to slip right off into the shoulder. This is both dangerous and, obviously, a sure way to destroy your RV. In order to avoid such damage, simply buy a tire pressure gauge and check the pressure before every trip. You should also inspect the tread. If you see any punctures, bulges, or notice that the tread is significantly worn down, get new tires before you go anywhere with your travel trailer.

Travel trailers are simple vehicles, but a lot of problems could arise if you don’t take care of them. Of course, most of the projects listed in this guide are simple, and you should be able to do most of them yourself. But if you encounter more complicated issues, such as propane system damage, electrical problems, or any plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to bring your RV into RV Value Mart. Our service department will help you out, as we serve customers from Reading, Allentown, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, along with New York and New Jersey.

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