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Choosing the Perfect Motorhome

Trying to pick the right motorhome for you may be a little difficult. Even though you’ve managed to choose one type of RV, there’s still more to think about and more ways you can narrow down the field. But there’s no reason to go at it alone. RV Value Mart has provided a break down of some of the things you should be considering and how that will affect the kind of motorhome you choose. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, stop by one of our locations.


Firstly, you’ll want to know that motorhomes are generally broken down by size. This is important because size will probably be one of the biggest deciding factors for choosing a motorhome. Motorhomes are divided into three groups, or classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class A motorhomes are the largest, averaging 30-40’ in length and about 10’ tall. They’re easily identifiable by their flat front with a large windshield. They’re also generally the more luxurious models with some of the best features.

Class B motorhomes are the smallest models by converting a large van chassis into a living space. This generally means you’ll only have enough sleeping space for two people, four in some models, but it will save you money, initially and in the long run.

Class C motorhomes are considered the in-between, although technically they’re classified by their truck style chassis. They’re generally not as big as the Class A models, but more spacious than the Class Bs.


The kind of amenities you want will play a huge role in making sure everyone is having a good time. Whether they’re a necessary amenity, like cooking appliances, or they’re one that you’d like to have for a more enjoyable camping trip, like TVs, motorhomes can come with a wide range of luxuries to fit both your needs and your budget. Make a list of some of your most important amenities so you can better narrow down your options.


Never underestimate the importance of kitchen size. Some campers are perfectly content to eat canned and frozen food, or to eat out, and use very little kitchen space. But the more often you’d like to cook your own meals, the bigger you’ll want your kitchen to be. Don’t forget that not only will you want room for the cooking, but you’ll need some space for prep and for cleanup. You may want a big, Class A motorhome if this sounds like something you’ll need. You may even be able to find models with kitchen islands and wine racks for an extra special treat.


Having the right amount of sleeping areas is probably a priority near the top of your list. Consider how many campers you’ll regularly be bringing along with you, and then add one or two more beds. It’s always a good idea to have more beds than you need, as you never know when you’ll have guests. Plus, this way, you can always be sure you’ll have enough sleeping areas for everyone.


Don’t forget you have the option for slide outs. These are sections of your motorhome that extend beyond what you drive around so you have a little more room when you’re stationary. Many modern motorhomes have slide outs, even Class B motorhomes, and most Class A motorhomes have at least two or more. Don’t forget these options when you’re looking for ways to maximize space.

This only covers some of the basic considerations you should be making when looking for a motorhome. But in the end, it’s your vehicle, so make sure it fits your needs. When you’re ready to start looking at specific models, stop by RV Value Mart in Lititz and Manheim, Pennsylvania, proudly serve the areas of Reading, Allentown, Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as well as the states of New York and New Jersey.

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