Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailer Review: 3 Compact Features for Full-Sized Adventures

Now is your chance to take home one of the 2020 Coachmen Apex Nano travel trailers for sale at RV Value Mart for an incredible price. Save over $7,000 on your purchase of one of these outstanding travel trailers. In this Coachmen Apex Nano travel trailer review, we’ll show you all the amenities you’ll love.

Coachmen apex travel trailer main
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Bunks for the Kids 

The single bunks in the rear of the trailer are an excellent place for the kids to sleep.  They’ll love having a space to themselves, and the Teddy Bear bunk mats are perfect for catching a great night’s sleep no matter where you go.  If you’re planning a trip without the little ones in tow, the bunks double as an ideal storage space.

Coachmen apex travel trailer bunks
The kids will love having a place all their own!

Full Bathroom 

You’ll be glad to have a full bath right inside your trailer so you’ll never have to worry about getting a campsite near the bathhouse again.  This Apex Nano has a fully equipped bathroom with a shower, foot-flushing toilet, sink, and medicine cabinet for storing all your essentials.  Additionally, the skylight above the shower allows the natural light in, and the vent fan keeps the humidity under control after a hot shower.

Fantastic Kitchen 

In the kitchen, you’ll find a double sink, which makes prep work and clean up easy.  The two-burner cooktop makes it simple to whip up a delicious breakfast, and the fridge is the perfect place to store all your leftovers and ingredients.  You’ll also love having a microwave to heat up your meals in a pinch.

Coachmen apex travel trailer kitchen
A great space to prepare a meal for the family.

If you’re ready to take home a travel trailer that will fit your whole family and provide an easy-to-tow solution, then contact us today!

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